Let us be one of the first to welcome you to the U.S. at Landerholm Immigration. We are immigration attorneys who help asylees looking to navigate the immigration system at all stages of the asylum process. Now that you have asylum status, you might be wondering what to do next in your journey of becoming a permanent resident in the United States.

You likely already know that with asylum approval, you can now seek employment in the U.S. asylum paperwork. As time passes, you’ll have even more opportunities to live a full, happy life in America. In this article, we are going to explain some of the actions you can take after your asylum approval. If you need any assistance with these processes, we encourage you to reach out to our team of asylum lawyers.

Immediate Actions You Can Take

Benefits Eligibility – As soon as possible after your approval, you should seek immigrant benefits that will help you adjust to life in America. There is typically a time-period associated with these programs so you’ll want to act quickly. You can get assistance with things like food, housing, and medical coverage.

Acquire an Asylee / Refugee Travel Document – After winning asylum, you will be eligible to travel outside of the US and return, but only with a “refugee travel document.” You will need to file the proper documents (I-131) application through the USCIS. Also, do not return to the country from which you fled asylum without speaking to an immigration lawyer, because you run the risk of losing your asylum status.

Plan for Your Family – As a refugee or asylee, you can assist family members in making their way to America. We strongly urge you to work with an immigration law firm to ensure this process is done correctly. There are multiple ways to help your family move to the United States, but all have particular procedures.

Getting Your Asylum Paperwork – This process can take longer than it should as government agencies have a tendency to move slowly. You will be looking for an I-94 which is your arrival and departure record, that will be stamped for approval. This along with your work permit paperwork are documents that can prove you are legal to be in the U.S.

After One Year or More in the U.S. – Apply for Adjustment of Status

Apply for permanent residency by applying for a green card. It’s in your best interest to apply for a green card as soon as you’re eligible since immigration in the U.S. is an unstable system. You must also still qualify as an asylee to obtain a green card. Working with an asylum attorney is helpful during these procedures.

Prepare for Your Adjustment Status Interview

Once you apply for a green card as an asylee, you’ll be requested to participate in an interview and a few other types of screening processes. Staying on top of these appointments and attending all of your meetings is paramount to the success of your permanent residency in the U.S. Work with an experienced immigration lawyer to help you through this part of the process, so your application doesn’t get dismissed or denied.

Call or connect with Landerholm Immigration, APC if you need legal support in the asylum, refugee or deportation immigration processes. We have a friendly team of legal professionals ready to help you start your life in America.