California Attorney General Xavier Becerra recently testified before a state Senate Budget subcommittee about the financial strain on his office’s budget created by continuing attempts to battle the Trump administration. Becerra claimed that issues concerning the environment and immigration, which have greatly impacted the state, have necessitated the state’s initiation or joining of and response to various lawsuits. According to Becerra, the next fight would likely concern healthcare, and the administration’s attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Becerra referred to healthcare as a right on which California residents rely. The current state budget, which provides for only a small increase in the office’s budget over the prior year, or $858 million, Becerra stated, would be insufficient to carry out all of the office’s duties and responsibilities, as well as to retain talented lawyers to handle those duties. Another looming issue is the potential loss of federal grant funds by the state’s Justice Department as a result of refusing to cooperate with federal immigration detainer requests. Trump has threatened on multiple occasions to withhold federal funding for cities and counties that choose to not assist federal immigration authorities with detainers. Meanwhile, the California legislature is considering a measure that would ban all state law enforcement agencies from cooperation with immigration agents, thus effectively turning California into the nation’s first sanctuary state. Given the fact that many federal grant funds benefit state criminal justice agencies, the impact of lost funding in this regard could be quite significant. Governor Jerry Brown is expected to unveil the second draft of his state budget at the beginning of July. Whether Becerra will receive additional funding for his office may depend on the outcome of lawsuits challenging the so-called federal sanctuary city ban and the continued involvement of the state justice department in various immigration, environmental, and healthcare matters at the federal level. Whether California becomes the first sanctuary state or not, the deportation defense lawyers of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C. will continue to handle deportation defense claims on behalf of individuals who have been detained and charged with removal. We know how devastating it can be for individuals to face potentially being forced to return to a country where they previously were persecuted, where they no longer have family or a home, or where they will experience significant violence and unrest. We care about you and your family, and we want to help you remain in the country. Call our office today to set up your legal consultation.