The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision dealt a huge blow to immigrants who are looking to work legally in the United States. Under President Obama’s proposed immigration reform plan, or the deferred action plan, which the Court prevented from going into effect, millions of immigrants present in the U.S. might have been able to pursue a path to a legal work permit. Despite this setback, however, California is moving ahead with its own plans to enact state laws that provide productive opportunities for undocumented immigrants. Since there are about two million such immigrants living in the state of California, and about 80% of those individuals have lived in the state for five years or more, California sees the obvious need to allow at least some of these individuals to better themselves and their families through legal work opportunities. California has passed a new state law, or SB 1159, which would immigrants to obtain a professional license in certain disciplines. The individuals, who have no social security number, would pay taxes on their earnings by using an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) assigned to them by the federal government. While employers cannot legally hire unauthorized immigrants, these immigrants can still work as independent contractors or open and even operate their own businesses. For self-employed individuals who operate a legal business and pay their taxes, there is no need to obtain a ITIN or a social security number. Rather, these immigrants are not running afoul of any laws because they are complying with federal and state tax laws, although they may have no legal status in the U.S. While these types of individuals might have qualified for work permits under the immigration reform plan that the Supreme Court struck down, they don’t really need them, since they are operating their own legal business. Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., knows federal immigration law and has the experience to guide you and advocate on your behalf throughout any type of deportation proceeding, no matter what the allegations may be. We are familiar with the wide range of defenses that are available to individuals facing deportation, and how to build the strongest defense that is available to you, based on the evidence relevant to your case. Contact your California deportation defense lawyers today, and discover what we can do for you.