Los Angeles city and county officials have worked together to create the $10 million L.A. Justice Fund, which will provide legal assistance to individuals facing deportation proceedings. This is the most aggressive move taken by local government officials nationwide as immigration advocates prepare for Donald Trump’s intended crackdown on immigrants residing in the United States without legal status. About half of the fund will come from city and county government, with the remaining half funded by private foundations. The overall purpose of the fund is to equalize the playing field between the federal government and immigrants in deportation proceedings by ensuring that they are represented by legal counsel. While there is no right to legal counsel in immigration proceedings, statistics show that immigrants who have the benefit of legal representation have much better chance of avoiding deportation and remaining in the country. Currently, there are more than 50,000 individuals facing deportation in the Los Angeles immigration court. The national average for legal representation in immigration cases is about 37%. For detainees, the average is even worse. For example, at Adelanto Detention Center, only about 13% of detainees have lawyers, and almost 75% of these detainees’ cases end in deportation. Local government officials stress the need for funding in light of the recent presidential election results. Although they don’t exactly know what to expect from the Trump administration, they are taking Trump’s threats to deport millions quite seriously. Government officials are looking to protect their residents from deportation should federal immigration policy drastically change. Critics of the move, however, see the fund as an unfair benefit for immigrants who have no legal status to reside in this country, rather than providing legal assistance for American citizens. At Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we have represented the interests of countless clients who are facing deportation proceedings, but who wish to remain with their families in the United States. Fortunately, there are many remedies that may be available if you are facing deportation charges. We will aggressively investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding your case, and help you settle upon the option that is best calculated to allow you and your family to live where you choose. Contact our experienced deportation defense attorneys today by calling (510) 756-4468, and learn how we can help.