One of the scariest processes in the immigration system is when you’ve been ordered to leave the United States. Despite what you might have heard or feared, you will not walk out of the courtroom and onto a bus or plane. You will actually have a little time while the government determines your travel arrangements back to your country of origin.

What Happens Next?

The government will send you a notification through the mail to alert you where and when to show up for your trip back home. This notice will let you know where to go and how much baggage you’re allowed to take with you on this trip.

There may be circumstances where the government will not send a letter and will directly collect you and take you to the processing area to be deported. Get your affairs in order as soon as possible after you learn of your deportation, so you are not taken by surprise.

While you await this correspondence by mail, there are a few things that can be done to change the outcome of your deportation depending on your particular case. If you are being deported because of illegal activity, there will be little you can do to change the outcome. However, you’ll want to contact an immigration attorney to make sure you’ve had due process. A Stay Request however can be requested for particular circumstances, such as, if you’re too sick to travel or you have identified a problem with your case that can change your deportation status. A “stay” requires you to pay a fee, but while you await this period, you might be permitted to work in the U.S.

Failing to Comply With the Deportation Order

If you ignore a deportation order from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), your file will be sent to the immigration system for referral of fugitive status. ICE officials are then allowed to collect and arrest you from almost anywhere including your home, place of work or educational institution. Once you are caught, you will be held in immigration detention until you are physically taken out of the country.

Further repercussions for ignoring a deportation letter will result in severe implications including criminal charges, criminal charges for harboring a fugitive for family or friends, or an arrest situation that could become dangerous if you try to evade law enforcement. Chances are, ignoring this deportation order will also mean you will never be let back into the United States again.

When You Suspect Bias In your Deportation Case

The United States immigration system is far from efficient and at times; mistakes or bias can happen. If you suspect that you have been treated unfairly in your immigration case your best course of action is to work with an immigration attorney as soon as possible.

At Landerholm Immigration, we have an experienced staff who has worked with a number of deportation circumstances and would be happy to hear the details of your case. Time is crucial, however, so don’t wait until you risk deportation noncompliance. Call us today and let us figure out how our team of immigration attorneys can assist you with your specific situation.