If you live one of the 28 states (and the District of Columbia) that has legalized medical marijuana, like California, there is no requirement under state law that you be a U.S. citizen. in order to utilize medical marijuana. Some states’ laws do require you to register and produce a state identification card, which may not be available to you in some states; you are eligible for a state-issued identification card in the state of California. If you are a legal permanent resident, or a green card holder, then you should be able to use your green card for identification purposes. Keep in mind, however, that just because state law makes it legal for you use medical marijuana, you still may be at risk for deportation under federal law for using medical marijuana. Current federal law still makes any type of marijuana usage, possession, sales, and distribution illegal, even if you are only using marijuana for medicinal purposes. Plus, the Trump administration has announced its intent to crack down on marijuana offenses, whereas the previous administration had considered those cases to be non-priorities; as a result, an individual who is legally using medicinal marijuana under state law still could be subject to federal prosecution. Due to this conflict between federal law and the law of a majority of states, marijuana possession or usage creates a situation that can get you deported, regardless as to whether you are a green card holder or have no legal immigration status at all. You also may be subject to deportation if the federal government takes the position that you are a drug abuser or addict. Conviction of crimes of “moral turpitude” also can make you deportable, although in most cases, possession of marijuana for personal use or growing a limited amount of marijuana for medicinal purposes is unlikely to constitute a crime of moral turpitude. No matter your situation, legal representation is essential to fighting back against deportation charges brought by the federal government. The Oakland deportation defense attorneys of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C.know how to help you through every step of your deportation proceedings, regardless of the form of relief that may be available under immigration law. Take the first step today toward securing the future of your family in the United States and call our office at (510) 756-4468 to set up a legal evaluation with one of our highly skilled California immigration lawyers.