Historically, the federal government has granted temporary protected status (TPS) to citizens of foreign countries that have experienced significant destruction, either through natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis or through civil war and violence. The hundreds of thousands of immigrants who currently have TPS also are entitled to work authorization. These immigrants make up a significant portion of the U.S. workforce, across the nation in all types of industries. Now, however, individuals with TPS are increasingly losing their immigration status, as the Trump administration is phasing out TPS for individuals from different countries, many of whom have lived and worked in the U.S. for years. Last month, the Trump administration announced that about 200,000 immigrants from El Salvador must leave the country by September 2019 at the latest, or face deportation proceedings. Trump has decreed that another 45,000 Haitians must leave the country by July 2019. Experts fully expect that this trend will continue, most likely with respect to the Hondurans and Nicaraguans who currently have TPS. If all immigrants with TPS and the participants of the now defunct Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) are forced to return to their native countries, then the American workforce will lose more than one million workers. This eventuality could place American companies in a very difficult position. Moreover, many of the jobs occupied by these immigrants pay relatively low wages and require difficult working conditions; it is undisputed that Americans often won’t fill these jobs. These jobs tend to be in the service sector, such as those in the construction, restaurant, grocery store, landscapers, and day care industries. In fact, the construction industry is already facing a nationwide shortage of workers. Many individuals with TPS have lived in the U.S. for several years, having American-born children and buying homes, even with the uncertainty of their status. These workers have contributed billions of dollars to Medicare and Social Security over the past decade, which only benefits U.S. citizens. The economic hit to the country as a result of removing this class of immigrants from the country is immense, and one that most people simply don’t realize. At Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we care about you and your family, and want to help you preserve your home in the United States. If you or a family member fears deportation, you need to speak with an experienced immigration attorney right away. We focus our law practice solely on deportation defense cases, which allows us to expend all of our efforts in standing up for the rights of those who are facing potential deportation. Our California deportation defense lawyers know how to gather persuasive evidence to support your case and we know all of the procedural ins and outs of the U.S. deportation system. Allow us to handle your deportation case by contacting us today to schedule an appointment.