Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids on employers are on the rise. These raids can disrupt business and send worker morale plummeting. But employers have rights. Managers and owners can develop a strategy around those rights, in advance of a raid, to minimize harm from one if it does occur. Treat the potential for an ICE raid as you would treat the potential for a fire. Develop a plan, educate employees about it and hold “immigration raid” drills. Preparing for an immigration raid does not mean your business has a political position on the issue. It means you have a contingency plan in place to protect yourself and your workers from potential violations of your rights. Bear in mind that employers are mandated to complete I-9 forms for each employee they hire, without exception. ICE can request copies of your I-9 forms and it is entitled to see them. The law gives you three work days to submit them, and you should take advantage of the waiting period. If you have an employee without work authorization it gives you and the employee some time to consult with an immigration attorney. You can learn more about employer rights from this employer guide. This guide is not a substitute for legal advice. Still, it is a straightforward way to get up to speed on what may happen during a raid that is or is not within the law. Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C. can advise you on immigration matters and has the experience to guide you. Call us at (510) 756-4468. Our removal defense attorneys are ready to see how we can assist you.