The debate over immigration reform focuses on two diametrically opposed policies. Give amnesty to millions already in the U.S. or spend whatever it takes to deport them all. History shows that amnesty has not actually reduced the number of people here illegally. Deporting everyone is not practical. In fact, it harms businesses relying on immigrant workers, breaks up families and reduces tax revenue that the U.S. needs in the face of its mounting debt.

Both solutions create a paradox for those who support deporting them all. People who are here illegally cannot risk leaving the U.S. to go home. Trying to cross the border to exit the country means they can be arrested anyway. It’s ironic that for every border agent the country hires, we force more people to stay. It’s estimated that each new agent seals in anywhere from 681 to 1,966 non-citizens. The White House goal of adding 5,000 new agents could keep well over four million of them in the U.S. That’s at the low end of estimates.

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