Landerholm Immigration has seen some regrettable situations when people hire the wrong immigration attorney for their case. The impact of working with a bad immigration lawyer can have an effect for years or even damage your case forever. We do not want that to happen to you, so here are some ?red flags? when it comes time to hiring an attorney, so you can avoid a bad situation.

If any of these things have happened to you, please reach out to us. We encourage you to report illegal activity to the proper authorities.

The Lawyer is Pushy and Tries to Force you to Hire Them

This requires you to listen to your gut instincts a little, but if an immigration attorney pushes you to work with them, or accepts your case over the phone without asking you a lot of questions about your situation, they might not be acting in your best interests. This is also true if the attorney gives you their fee over the phone without knowing the details about your immigration situation. This is a deceptive practice, and you should avoid these types of attorneys. Each case is extremely complicated, and there are many details that an attorney should review before giving you the full options you have, and then allowing you to make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to hire them and proceed with your case.

The Immigration Attorney Guarantees You?ll Win or be Admitted Into the U.S.

An attorney should never offer you guaranteed entry into the United States because they know how problematic immigration law is, and how the smallest details can change the outcome of a case. It?s okay if the attorney believes that you have a favorable case, but if an attorney guarantees you a winning outcome, you need to look elsewhere for legal help.

Legal Shuffle

Some immigration law firms are larger in scale and may shuffle you around from one person to another without explanation. Large firms can have teams of people working for them, but you should always be working with the same people regardless. A team is a great thing to have in an immigration case, but working with people you don?t know and getting tossed around within a firm is a bad sign. This might mean they are either disorganized or have a hard time retaining quality immigration professionals.

Money Issues

Don?t pay money if you don?t know what you are getting. If an immigration law firm asks for legal payments upfront to handle your case without explaining what that fee or what that service is for, you might be working with a deceptive legal person. Before hiring an immigration lawyer, ask about their fee structures up front and what you can expect to pay. If the immigration attorney is ?vague? or avoids answering these questions in a straightforward manner, you should seek a different immigration law firm.

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