U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have arrested a Mexican man in the state of Washington who gave an interview to reporters about suspicious circumstances concerning his girlfriend?s deportation last June. During Baltazar Gutierrez?s arrest and detention, ICE agents specifically mentioned his interview about his girlfriend. According to federal immigration authorities, however, retaliation in any form is not an official deportation policy. In a statement, ICE did not specifically reference this man?s deportation case. The man?s girlfriend allegedly was arrested after ICE agents responded to a Craiglist advertisement that she had placed selling a homemade pinata. She met the ?buyer? in a parking lot, where ICE agents promptly arrested her in front of her two children. ICE agents then returned the children to Gutierrez, who asked why ICE didn?t just deport them all. Two different media outlets reported on the story, as Washington residents have grown increasingly concerned about their immigrant neighbors being swept up and deported in Trump?s campaign to rid the country of violent immigrant criminals. Gutierrez remains in detention, as he cannot afford to pay his $25,000 bail; he reports that he has not yet received a court date, and the reasons for his arrest remain unclear. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is reporting that ICE arrested have increased 43% since Trump took office. As a result, DHS is looking to construct at least five new detention facilities across the country. However, the immigration court case backlog remains in excess of 600,00, which roughly translates into 2,000 cases per immigration judge. If ICE has detained a loved one, contacting an experienced California immigration attorney as quickly as possible can be essential to securing his or her release and fighting deportation. Taking steps to fix an immigration problem from the outset is often much simpler than waiting until the last minute and attempting to remedy the situation. Call Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., at (510) 756-4468 today, and learn what we can do to help you through this situation.