There was a time when in-person adjustment of status interviews were waived for some green card applicants. In today’s immigration environment, USCIS says that is no longer the case. While getting a green card usually means filing a lot of paperwork, often through employers or spouse, immigration officials and regulations didn’t require an in-person interview process.

As a green card applicant, you will be required to attend an interview with USCIS, where you will answer questions about your circumstances and application before your green card is approved.

The Process Leading to Your Interview

After you file your I-485 to have your status adjusted, there are a few things that will follow and you should prepare for.

Notice of Biometrics Appointment – After you’ve submitted your application for adjustment of status, you will get notified (by mail) for your biometrics appointment. Pay close attention to what the notice tells you about what to bring to your biometrics appointment – mainly the notice itself, and be ready to have your fingerprints taken. This appointment is typically short and sweet – usually lasting approximately 10 minutes – unless there are many others there, in which case there may be a slight delay.

Notice of Interview – After your biometrics appointment you will be sent the details about where and when your adjustment interview will take place. Pay attention to the interview notice carefully! Note down the location, date and time, and make sure you read all the information that is required to take with you.

Your Adjustment Interview – Arrive 30-minutes early for your appointment and be prepared to wait for a good portion of the day for your interview. Answer the questions the officer asks you and don’t elaborate or tell the officer information unrelated to their questions. Also, this is a good time to alert USCIS if there have been any changes in your life, like a change of address or the addition of a child.

What USCIS is Trying to Determine

It is natural to get somewhat nervous about this interview since officers are looking for grounds to deny the case, but try not to let your nerves get to you. Officers are people too, and they simply need you to truthfully answer questions about your status in the U.S. We suggest that you work with an experienced green card attorney before heading into this interview. At Landerholm Immigration, we help green card applicants prepare for this interview and help them collect all the correct documentation and evidence needed for this process.

Some of the details USCIS officers will be looking for is a criminal record, medical complications like an infectious disease, links to terrorism, controlled substance complications, espionage, any history of fraud or misrepresentations to immigration, and similar issues.

It is in your best interest to work with an immigration law firm during this process and let a green card lawyer help you through the details of this interview. Give us a call today and let’s get to work on your case.