Want to understand more about the U.S. Immigration system? If you like to learn through videos, you can pick from a range of them on the Landerholm Immigration YouTube channel.

There are videos in Spanish and English that explain the kinds of defenses that may be available to you to prevent deportation.

The videos can instill a sense of hope, too. You will hear from people who tell their personal stories. Their circumstances were presented in court in a way that helped them avoid deportation. The videos show you how the process worked in real life cases.

Don’t neglect your health and well-being during this time of enormous stress. The Trump administration’s aggressive policies are causing immigrants’ stress and fear to soar. The Landerholm Immigration coaching videos can help you cope during these times.

Learning about the immigration system and options you may have will help you feel a little more in control. At the least it prepares you better to know what you can expect to happen. The YouTube videos and many videos on the Landerholm Immigration website are free but the information is invaluable.

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