Is a loved one detained? The Freedom for Immigrants Hotline is a phone call that can help. People in detention centers have a limited ability to communicate with family members. Detainees are entitled to one free phone call when they are first detained. They are charged for additional phone calls and the rates are limited by law to $3.75 per call for out of state calls. It is a different story for in-state calls. The rates can be much higher. This expense adds to the isolation of detainees by making it more expensive to contact their support providers, whether they are friends, employers or immigrant advocates. And, it makes it even harder for them to report abuse against themselves or fellow detainees. That is why the Freedom for Immigrants Project (formerly CIVIC) established its National Immigration Detention Hotline. When you call the hotline, they can put you in touch with advocates who are close to your loved one’s detention center. It is important to know that calling the hotline can protect a detainee from government retaliation. This can prevent detainees from making calls even if the expense is not a problem. There is not a published number to contact the hotline. You can contact them at call 385-212-4842 to learn more. The organization can provide you with the National Immigration Detention Hotline number. When you call this number it also helps protect the detainee from punishment by the detention center staff. Keep in mind the hotline is for the exclusive use of unauthorized immigrants who are detained at the time of their call. The hotline is not intended to help if you feel at risk for deportation or you have received a notice of deportation, but you are not yet detained. If that is the case an immigration attorney can assist you before detention occurs. Of course, if you or a loved one is detained by ICE and seeking legal representation, you can also call Landerholm Immigration, APC at (510) 756-4468. Our removal defense attorneys are ready to see how we can assist you.