In early April 2019, the House of Representatives filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for his “emergency funding” of the border wall. The House is citing that Trump is abusing his role as President to go forward with the wall using federal dollars that were not designed to build his campaign promise.

The entire lawsuit can be read online, and names a number or Trump administration officials including Steve Mnuchin and Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen.

Both Democrats and Republicans have shown their disdain over the call for a federal emergency, with Republicans citing that they fear Democrats will use this someday to fund things like a ban on all guns.

The Other Legal Complication

While the administration takes on the lawsuit from Congress, some 20-states are also suing over border wall funding. In an effort led by California, states are taking legal action requesting a court order to stop emergency funds from being diverted to a wall.

The current number stands at $1.6-billion that states hope to prevent from being used citing that those funds should be used for things like trafficking, military projects and fighting illegal drug activity. Government officials leading the charge say they want the funds stopped immediately, since replacing them will be harder to accomplish on the backend.

The lawsuit also states that Trump’s declaration of an emergency is an abuse of power and unconstitutional. Officials state that the president bypassed Congress who is supposed to have full control over the funding of such projects.

Trump Visits The Wall

Early in April, amid all the pending lawsuits, Trump and border security traveled to the newly constructed border wall in Cale xico, California. This section of the border has been deemed a major crisis among border security personnel. The agents there have been getting injured from immigrants trying to come through the border and getting hit with things like rocks. According to the Border chief in that area, assaults on agents are down 65%, and illegal entries are down 75%.

The newly erected section of wall is a vertical 30-feet and has vertical slats, which agents say will help be able to “see” what is taking place on the other side. This section of the wall is small, at just 2.25-miles, considering the entire border mileage.

While the majority of those attending the tour were law enforcement supporting the president, a small section of protesters did try to disrupt part of the visit.

The Wall Impact on Immigration

There is not enough data to suggest that a wall really works or if this proposed barrier will prevent the influx of people seeking to come to the U.S. Apprehensions along the southern border were up, with more than 76,000 illegal border crossing in February alone. This is an 11-year high. It is hard to tell if the wall is inspiring people to illegally get to the U.S. before it’s erected, or if the threats in Mexico and Central America are so severe, that tens-of-thousands need to flee their countries. Time will tell.

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