In January 2019, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced he wants to set up an emergency fund to help asylum seekers at the U.S. Mexico border in California. The fund would come to a $25-million investment to address what Newsom says, “is a humanitarian crisis” created by the federal government. $5-million of the proposal was made available in March of this year which was given mostly to shelters set up in San Diego.

In March 2019, a new asylum center opened in San Diego County to help immigrants who are starting the asylum process. Newsom says that if the federal government doesn’t do its job, California will do it for them. Newsom stated funds he spoke about in January are already in full force in the region to support asylum families.

The rest of the $20-million is proposed to be used over the next three years which will aid nonprofit organizations and community centers that support asylum seekers in the southern California area. All of this was part of Newsom’s $209-billion budget in California which also included medical care to young immigrants under the age of 26-years old. This part of the budget would help Medi-Cal assist these adults who don’t have legal status yet, get the medical care they need totaling $260-million per year.

Newsom says that he will continue to fight for the rights of legal asylum seekers who are being let down by the current administration. While Newsom has pulled U.S. National Guard members from border security in California, he has kept border wall intact and isn’t seeking to have any part of taken down. He has admitted to the AP press that walls in urban areas do work.

Current Detention Numbers by CPB

record number of immigrants have been detained at the border since the start of 2019 according to Customs and Border Patrol (CPB.) 134,398 migrants and asylum seekers have been detained in January and February. Daily apprehension numbers are also hitting a record, according to CPB, which hasn’t been seen since 2006. For example, on March 19th 3,974 apprehensions took place in just one day.

The influx has triggered The Department of Homeland Security to work with the Department of Defense to move apprehended individuals to U.S. military bases so they can be adequately cared for and processed. In this partnership, the Department of Health and Human Services has requested beds and spaces for up to 5,000 children.


Governor Newsom sees these numbers and is attempting to provide more support for those at the southern part of California. This assistance would target already existing organizations set up to support asylum seekers and help them get through the processing with USCIS. From there, (if applicable) they will then help them get to their U.S-based sponsors.

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