A coalition of 50 local community groups and non-profit organizations in Sonoma and Napa counties has formed the North Bay Rapid Response Network, which operates a 24-hour, seven days per week, hotline and rapid response network to help defend undocumented immigrants against actions by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. Service initially launched in Sonoma County, as training is still ongoing in Napa County, where the network soon will offer service, as well. The network already has trained 24 dispatchers and over 400 trained legal observers. Online software permits the dispatcher on duty to answer emergency hotline calls from his or her cell phone. The dispatcher then enters the geographic location of the reported immigration raid, and immediately gets a map showing the location of the nearest legal observers. The dispatcher then contacts the nearest observers by text message to alert them of the raid. Bilingual dispatchers with the network will answer calls to the hotline and send trained legal observers to document ICE raids, whether they occur in private homes, in the workplace, in neighborhoods, or in other public places. Observers will be trained to collect evidence that may be useful in defending immigrants against deportation, such as ICE agents who fail to get a warrant before entering a private home without the consent of the homeowners. To that extent that ICE detains individuals, observers will get details about the situation and the detainees’ locations in order to allow lawyers to contact them and provide legal assistance. Teams from the network also will accompany families of detainees to court proceedings and help them navigate the immigration court system. The deportation defense lawyers of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C. continue to handle deportation defense claims on behalf of individuals who have been detained and charged with removal. We know how devastating it can be for individuals to face the potential of being forced to return to a country where they previously were persecuted, where they no longer have family or a home, or where they will experience significant violence and unrest. We care about you and your family, and we want to help you remain in the country. Call our office today to set up your legal consultation.