For many immigrants, there is a definite fear that deportation will rip their families apart. Many families consist of an undocumented parent or parents who have U.S. citizen children, although they may have some undocumented children, as well. The fear that is that a sudden deportation will destroy their family and leave them with an impossible dilemma; these families must decide between bringing children to a foreign country in which they no longer have family and may face violence and poverty, or leaving their children behind in the U.S. with no one to care for them. As a result of increased immigration efforts by the federal government, fears about deportation have reached an all-time high. For parents in this situation, then, it is essential for them to talk to their children about their immigration status and make plans about how to handle different scenarios if they should occur. Immigration advocates and organizations are recommending that immigrant families create comprehensive action plans that would go into place if the detention or deportation of a family member suddenly would occur. While the hope is that a family never has to use the plan, it is obviously better that the family be prepared should the unthinkable occur. A fundamental portion of the family preparedness plan is to arrange child care for U.S. citizen children should Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detain one or both parents. Parents should choose a relative or family friend who is willing and able to care for the children should the parents no longer be able to do so for an indefinite period of time. Parents should provide emergency contact numbers and written authorization for that individual to care for and seek medical attention for their children in the case of an emergency. Another essential part of a preparedness plan is to talk to an immigration attorney about your options for obtaining legal status. There are many different ways that you potentially could gain a legal immigration status. By talking to an experienced immigration attorney, you can determine what options are available to you and what strategy is best calculated to achieve a legal status. By going through any necessary immigration procedures, you may be able to avoid the threat of deportation altogether. Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., knows federal immigration law and has the experience to guide you and advocate on your behalf throughout any type of deportation proceeding, no matter what the allegations may be. We are familiar with the wide range of defenses that are available to individuals facing deportation, and how to build the strongest defense that is available to you, based on the evidence relevant to your case. Contact your California deportation defense lawyers today, and discover what we can do for you.