The difficulties of obtaining legal counsel while detained in an immigration detention center are well-documented. However, it is possible to arrange contact between an immigration attorney and a detained immigrant, although it may take some time, planning, and interventions by family members in order for that to occur. Using the telephone is one easy way to ensure that a detained immigrant can make contact with an immigration attorney. Up until recently, however, telephone access, particularly in Northern California immigration detention centers, was extremely limited, cost-prohibitive, and even impossible in some circumstances. In fact, until a lawsuit resulted in a settlement this year between the ACLU of Northern California, the ACLU Prison Project, and various private law firms, detained immigrants had largely no access to private phone calls with their attorneys, an inability to even leave voicemail messages during business hours, and were subject to automatically disconnecting phone service that cost about $5.50 per every ten minutes. Even worse, ICE failed to properly monitor these facilities for appropriate telephone access and ensure that certain standards are met. Given the settlement, it is hopeful that telephone access for detained immigrants will improve greatly in the near future. In-person meetings also are possible in many circumstances. Even detained immigrants are entitled to meet with their attorneys. If a loved one can help make arrangements for you, or if you can call an attorney for an in-person appointment, then ICE must allow you to meet with your attorney. No matter whether you or a loved one is detained on deportation charges or not, we are here to help you during your deportation proceedings and avoid deportation. If you are detained, we are more than willing to meet with your family members or even come to you at the detention facility in order to provide you with legal services. We are experienced California deportation defense lawyers who know immigration law and know how to effectively represent your interests in your deportation case. We will build a strong case for any and all defenses that are available on your behalf. Call our office today and learn what the attorneys of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., can do to help you and your family.