Turn on any national news media outlet, and you’ll see the issue of immigration playing out in the court of public opinion. We haven’t really even gotten to the official start clock for the 2020 election cycle, but that isn’t stopping politicians and presidential hopefuls from weighing on the topic of immigration. The bigger question is, how will this issue impact the 2020 presidential cycle or, will it be the other way around? Will immigration shape the 2020 election, or will the election shape the future of immigration?

The Political Fence Politicians Must Walk

Immigration has historically been a hot topic for presidential elections. Politicians are asked time and time again to give us their stance on where they see immigration going, and offer solutions to the ongoing problems. They must present how they feel about immigration and then offer up a solution. It seems that most politicians have plenty of opinions about immigration but never seem to deliver on immigration remedies or reform.

What is becoming alarmingly a trend is that immigration issues make for great election sticking points, which begs the question; do politicians really want to solve the problem or keep perpetuating it?

While election cycles attempt to solve the issues surrounding immigration, lawyers and law firms are left with navigating a messy system while trying to help those who genuinely need legal support and guidance.

The Current Administration and Congress

The Trump administration has yet to solve the immigration situation, especially the current humanitarian crisis on the border. Some would argue that Trump has actually made decisions which have lead to portions of a border wall being built; others would classify that as an overreach of presidential power since that decision wasn’t made by Congress.

There are currently several lawsuits pending in courts across the country (mostly against the Trump administration) which have halted congressional action leaving thousands in limbo with no solution in sight. This halt has given Democratic presidential nominees plenty of ammunition to speak out against the current policies and the decisions made by President Trump.

What 2020 Presidential Candidates Must Answer on Immigration

  • Candidates must have a solution for the millions of non-citizens currently residing in America.
  • Both Democratic and Republican candidates should have a well-appointed plan to handle the current situation at the border.
  • Candidates should have a plan for how the immigration courts should be handled and whether more courts and judges are needed.
  • Each candidate should have a ‘new’ plan to handle the future of immigration and how many people are allowed into the country, by category or visa option.
  • Lastly, (that we will discuss here) candidates should have a strategy on how they work on a bi-partisan level to solve the issue so a solution can finally be reached to this long-standing problem in America.

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