Immigration activists are reporting that federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents are using children as “bait” in order to lure their undocumented parents into ICE custody. In Connecticut, ICE agents appear to be asking parents to come in and sign federal government documents for their children as a ruse to detain the parents. Unfortunately, incidents of this type appear to be happening not only in Connecticut, but in other states, as well. For example, Mynor Espinoza, a 31-year-old Guatemala native, entered the U.S. with his wife, Dulce, in 2009, seeking to escape persecution in their home country. The couple now has three young children who were born in the U.S., and therefore are U.S. citizens. Espinoza also has a nine-year-old son who was not born in the U.S., but who attempted to enter the U.S. unaccompanied about a year ago. ICE officials turned the boy over to his father on the condition that he would make sure that the boy attended any immigration hearings and responded to any requests for information from ICE. Lawyers for Espinoza claim that ICE officials asked the man to come to their offices in order to sign papers for his son, but immediately arrested him and placed him in a Massachusetts detention facility as soon as he appeared at ICE offices. This incident is the latest in a series of different tactics to arrest unsuspecting immigrants without legal status who are simply going about their lives. For instance, ICE agents in recent months have arrested immigrants appearing in state courts over even minor infractions, such as traffic tickets, or those who are appearing in court to request restraining orders in spousal abuse cases. At Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we are dedicated to protecting the rights of noncitizens while detained and working toward release from detention, regardless of the type of deportation charges an individual may be facing. We know how to evaluate your case, explore your options, and provide you with the strongest defense against removal possible. Contact your California deportation defense attorneys today and set up an appointment to speak with our legal team.