A new analysis from the Pew Research Center using Bureau of Justice statistics shows that in 2014, 50% of all federal criminal arrests, or 81,881 arrests, were immigration-related offenses, such as illegally crossing the border. This is an increase from the 28% of all federal arrests that were immigration-related back in 2004. Accordingly, these statistics indicate that federal agents now are making fewer arrests for other federal crimes, including those involving drugs, property, and weapons, than they were 10 years ago. In fact, just a decade earlier, only 28% of all federal arrests were immigration-related offenses and 23% of these arrests were for drug crimes, a number that fell significantly to 14% of all arrests in 2014. Likewise, the number of federal arrests for supervision violations, such as violations of parole or probation, fell from 17% in 2004 to 14% in 2014. Arrests for property-related crimes fell from 11% to 8% of arrests in 2014. Similarly, arrests for weapons offenses dropped from 7% to 4% in 2014. Overall, however, the total number of federal arrests declined 12% between the years 2013 and 2014. These statistics also reveal that in 2014, five federal judicial districts located along the U.S.-Mexico border were responsible for 61% of all federal arrests. Given the general location of these arrests, it is likely that many, if not most, of these arrests pertained to immigration crimes in some way. Almost a third of the total federal criminal charges involved individuals from Mexico; 42% were non-U.S. citizens. Furthermore, more than half of the defendants charged with a crime in federal court were of Hispanic origin. Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., has the experience that you need when you are facing deportation charges, which are becoming more and more common each day. We know how to gather the facts that are relevant to your case, assess your options, and determine whether you have any legal defenses that may enable you to avoid deportation and remain in the United States. Contact the Oakland immigration attorneys at our office today and learn how we potentially can help you and your family through this difficult situation.