There are many different reasons why you may have to work with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It could be when applying for a visa or a green card, or even when going through a deportation case. Unfortunately, the USCIS can be difficult to work with. Even small issues can cause significant delays or even denials of what you are seeking. Keep the following tips in mind.

Expect Delays

If there is one thing you can count on when working with the USCIS, it is that they don’t tend to get things done very quickly. They are frequently behind schedule with things like visa applications, green card renewals, and other important activities. To avoid problems, make sure you file your paperwork as soon as you are able so you have plenty of time for the USCIS to complete their portion of the process.

File for Multiple Visas

If you are attempting to get a visa or a green card through a family member, consider applying through as many qualifying members as possible. Each application is handled differently and one may get processed much sooner than another, which can get you the approval you want. This also provides you with a backup in case one sponsor becomes ineligible. Your lawyer will be able to give you advice as to which petitions or visas make the most sense in your situation.

Never Be Late

You do not want to be late for any meetings, hearings, or government interviews. This can look very bad on your request and can even cause it to become denied. Needless to say, missing an appointment of any type is even worse and can cause your petitions to be denied immediately.

Keep All Paperwork Together

You will want to keep every piece of paperwork that you receive from the USCIS, and every one that you submit to them. Having copies of everything will make it much easier for you if you get a request for additional evidence, or if the agency loses something you submitted. When you submit any type of paperwork, make sure you get a confirmation that it was received and keep that confirmation with your paperwork as well. Keep your papers organized in a logical fashion and it will help an attorney go over the case with you as it progresses as well.

Apply for Citizenship As Soon As Possible

If you qualify, you should apply for citizenship ASAP. If successful, you shouldn’t need to deal with the USCIS again in the future!

If you have immigration questions or need assistance, we would be glad to help. Please contact us today for more information!