Where is America after the first quarter of 2019 when it comes to immigration? It’s hard to tell really, there seems to be a new story about the U.S. immigration system every day and how it is changing. Here is what we know right now.

Congress continues to be at a stalemate when it comes to figuring out immigration. While this topic stirs up political divisiveness, the reality is that neither Democratic or Republican representatives have come up with a plan for immigration reform.

The Democrat Position

While the details are argued within the party, the majority of Democrats want borders but more relaxed immigration laws that allow immigrants to feel welcomed to enter the U.S. Most on the left are fighting for fewer immigration regulations, and an easier pathway to citizenship, they also recognize the need for more immigration courts and judges. Most Democrats (in Congress) oppose building a border wall and instead want more technology options and personnel to monitor the southern border. The congressional left has rallied to grant a pathway to citizenship to DACA immigrants.

The Republican Position

Republicans are technically “for” immigration but are adamant that entry into the U.S. is done through a legal process for current and future immigrants. The majority of Republicans (in Congress) are in favor of a border wall and believe it is one of the only ways that America will be able to secure their southern border. Most conservatives say they do not favor an amnesty and are for limitations on how many immigrants should be allowed into the U.S. per year.

The State of the Immigration System

Sadly, often the people who genuinely lose in the immigration process are immigrants. Regardless of why they came to our country and what they plan to do when they get here, the process that they are subject to is unsustainable at best. There are more than 850,000 pending immigration cases in the courts today which take an average of roughly 700-days to process according to reporting by the New York Times. And those are just the cases that actually make it to immigration court!

In each month of 2019, there have been record numbers of immigrants who have entered the U.S. both lawfully and unlawfully. The current pace according to border security is about 100,000 per month. Both the left and right agree that the current number of immigrants has entirely overwhelmed the system, and detention centers cannot keep up with the pace of those coming to the border. Crucial humanitarian efforts are failing and centers cannot provide food, shelter and medical care for migrants. This has left border security and facilities in emergency situations.

Border patrol agents in many centers are reporting that their agents are getting sick regularly from scabies, chickenpox, and tuberculosis. It’s not only dangerous for officers but also places immigrants at risk of contracting infectious diseases.

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