Immigrant children who are separated from their parents can be left with no one to speak on their behalf once they enter the U.S. It does not matter if the children arrived alone, or they were taken from their parents by U.S. Border Patrol agents. They do not get access to government provided legal services. Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) can step in and help. The organization has a network of more than 24,500 pro bono attorneys it has trained to represent children in court who are available across the country. They partner with law firms, corporate lawyers, law schools and bar associations to connect children with an attorney close to them. KIND also has ten offices around the country in major metropolitan areas. KIND provides more than access to legal services. It has Social Service Coordinators in eight cities. The coordinators work with local service providers to connect children with medical and mental health care, education and crisis intervention. For more information contact KIND at 202-824-8680 or by email at At Landerholm Immigration, APC, we depend on non-profit organizations like KIND to provide legal services for children who are unable to defend themselves. If you are facing deportation proceedings, please contact our talented immigration attorneys to see how we can help.