Back in March, Dominican Republic native, husband, and father of four, Leandro Arriaga, was on his way to an appointment at an immigration office with his wife when he was arrested and detained in the Suffolk County House of Corrections by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Arriaga was in the process of gaining citizenship through his wife, an American citizen. He had no criminal record, had never hidden from law enforcement authorities, and even had filed his 2016 income tax return. Volunteer attorneys representing Arriaga argued that his detention was illegal and violated his due process rights. Following a two-hour court hearing, and after spending one month in an immigration detention center, Arriaga was released from detention. ICE also agreed to drop his deportation case, which will allow him to pursue a path to legal citizenship. While his wife was simply grateful that Arriaga was able to return home, his attorneys stated that when government activity infringes on an individual’s constitutional rights, there were attorneys ready to stand up and defend that individual’s rights. As this story indicates, ICE is increasingly arresting immigrants with no legal status at the most unexpected of locations, including churches, courthouses, and immigration offices. Rather than singling out the “bad hombres” that the Trump Administration vowed to target during the 2016 campaign, ICE agents appear to be arresting and detaining immigrants who have no criminal records, have American citizen children, and have worked and filed income tax returns. Given these stories which have made news across the nation, it is understandable why an immigrant might fear arrest. At Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we are watching government policies on immigration closely, particularly as those policies have changed rapidly over the last few months. No matter what the government policy on detaining immigrants, however, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of noncitizens while detained and working toward release from detention, regardless of the type of deportation charges an individual may be facing. We know how to evaluate your case, explore your options, and provide you with the strongest defense against removal possible. Contact your California deportation defense attorneys today and set up an appointment to speak with our legal team.