On the state level, California is looking to establish safe zones that do not allow immigration enforcement, such as public schools, hospitals, and courthouses, to the greatest extent allowable by law. According to the L.A. Times, state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León has introduced a bill addressing the establishment of safe zones. De León also is proposing to prohibit local and state law enforcement officials from enforcing federal immigration laws. These proposed measures come at a time when the Trump administration is rapidly establishing new immigration and deportation policies via executive order. The goal of these measures, De León states, is to provide undocumented residents in the state of California with justice should the federal government enact an overreaching policy of mass deportation. Some of De León’s detractors contend that he is creating needless fear among immigrants, as the Trump administration is focusing its immigration enforcement efforts on criminals rather than student and hospital patients. Advocates of stricter enforcement of immigration laws also claim that even if these proposed bills pass, they cannot stop federal immigration agents from enforcing federal immigration laws. Furthermore, some believe that allowing such bills to become law would actually create a safety concern for California residents. De León, however, disagrees, stating that the state will not permit the federal government to use its state and local agencies in order to break up immigrant families and separate mothers from children. No matter what type of defense is a possibility in your case, we are here to help you during your deportation proceedings and avoid deportation. We are experienced California deportation defense lawyers who know immigration law and know how to effectively represent your interests in your deportation case. We will build a strong case for any and all defenses that are available on your behalf. Call our office today and learn what the attorneys of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., can do to help you and your family.