The United States admitted almost 85,000 refugees in fiscal year 2016, which is the most that the country has admitted since 1999. However, some states disproportionately resettled refugees, while other states resettled few or even none. A recent study broke down these resettlement figures in greater detail. A total of just 10 states resettled more than half (54%) of refugees that entered the country in FY 2016, namely, California, Texas, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Arizona, North Carolina, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Collectively, California, Texas, and New York resettled the most refugees, taking in 20,738 refugees, or 24% of the total resettled refugees in FY 2016. California and New York resettled the most refugees of any other state, by far, taking in 7,909 refugees and 7,803 refugees, respectively. The state with the next highest number of refugees was New York, with 5,026 resettled in FY 2016. In contrast, Delaware and Hawaii resettled no refugees, and Arkansas, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia resettled less than 10 refugees each. The states listed above that resettled the largest numbers of refugees in FY 2016 were also among the most populous in the nation. However, a number of less populous states resettled more refugees per capita than more populous states. Nebraska, North Dakota, and Idaho led the nation in the most refugees resettled per capita in FY 2016, with 76, 71, and 69, respectively. Additionally, a number of other states exceeded the national average of 26 refugees resettled per capita, including Vermont, Arizona, Kentucky, South Dakota, Minnesota, Maine, and Washington. At Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we are here to help you through your deportation proceedings, how matter how complex or lengthy they may be. We can investigate your case, evaluate your ability to avoid deportation, and begin building the strongest defenses possible in your deportation proceedings. Since our law firm exclusively focuses all of our efforts on defending people just like you in deportation proceedings, we have unparalleled skills and knowledge that can be essential to being successful in your deportation case. Call us today and arrange an initial appointment with our Oakland deportation defense attorneys.