A recent Washington Post article detailed one immigration lawyer’s recent experiences handling deportation cases in Atlanta, Georgia. As demand for her legal services skyrocketed, largely due to a flood of Central American immigrants seeking refuge from gang violence, attorney Elizabeth Matherne found that Atlanta’s immigration court was quickly becoming the most difficult place in the country to win an asylum case and avoid deportation. As a result, Matherne was faced with an impossible choice; she could either continue to take money from the never-ending stream of Central American immigrants who were likely to ultimately be deported, or stop taking these immigration cases altogether and put her business – and her livelihood – at risk. While there always have been substantial variations in the rulings of immigration judges nationwide, the surge of Central American refugees has exacerbated these differences. The Atlanta immigration court is no exception; while the rate of success in asylum cases has hovered at 48% nationally, the rate of success in Atlanta immigration court has fallen from 23% to 2%. These figures are in stark contrast to New York’s immigration courts, whose rate of success has risen from 76% to 84%, thus reflecting a more generous attitude toward immigrants in general. As a result, the asylum claims of those immigrants who come to the U.S. via Atlanta are more likely than not to fail. In fact, nearly all of those claims will fail, leaving these immigrants facing an almost certain deportation. Since the Obama administration has prioritized the cases of Central American immigrants ahead of others due to the influx of individuals from this area of the world, Matherne and other immigration lawyers no longer have a range of immigration cases and clients from which to choose. Instead, they end up in immigration court with Central American immigrants, fighting a battle against deportation that they will almost certainly lose. The skilled and knowledgeable immigration lawyers of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C. are here to defend you against removal from the country, no matter what the grounds for your potential removal may be. We handle these types of cases on a regular basis and have valuable knowledge about how to best represent your interests, based on your individual circumstances. By contacting our office right away, you will place yourself in the best position possible to defend yourself again potential removal from the country that you call home. Don’t risk being separated from your family. Call us today.