A recent report from Human Rights Watch details the continued struggle of detained immigrants to get legal representation in their attempts to navigate the convoluted maze that is our current immigration system. The reality is that most detained immigrants are unrepresented by counsel and from a practical standpoint, have no ability to obtain representation. For example, the California Coalition for Universal Representation released the results of a study in the last few months showing that seven out of ten detained immigrants in the state of California have no legal representation. This is critically important, because detained immigrants with attorneys are five times more likely to reach a successful outcome in their cases. As result of these findings, both Human Rights Watch and the California Coalition for Universal Representation are calling for all levels of California government to establish programs ensuring that all detained immigrants receive a fair hearing in immigration court. Human Rights Watch points to other government-funded programs, such as New York City’s New York Immigrant Family Unity Project, as examples of initiatives that California state and local governments could emulate. These programs help ensure that all detained immigrants receive due process in their immigration hearings, regardless of the ultimate outcome of their cases. While the lack of representation for detained immigrants is a nationwide problem, California has a larger proportion of immigrants facing this issue. Along with two other states, California detention facilities hold 68% of all detained immigrants. Furthermore, the barriers to legal representation that California detainees face are not unique. The rural locations of some detention centers, language barriers, telephone communication difficulties, and a lack of knowledge about how to obtain counsel all contribute to this due process issue. No matter what type of relief from deportation you are seeking, we are here to build a defense and advocate on your behalf so that you can get the relief that you deserve. At Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we are devoted to representing the interests of those clients who are charged with deportation by immigration authorities. Our sole focus is to free you from detention, if necessary, and ultimately enable you to legally remain in your American home with your family. With the many forms of relief that may be available to you, we will help you determine which form of relief is most appropriate and most likely to be successful in your case. Contact our experienced California deportation defense attorneys today, and learn how we can assist you with your immigration case.