With soaring detentions of immigrants, it is predictable the U.S. immigration system is running out of space. Now that the government has created a crisis in space it is turning to military bases to house more detainees.

Details are not clear as different people are giving different answers. What we do know is that Goodfellow and Dyess Air Force Bases in Texas and Fort Bliss in Texas have been told to prepare for housing immigrants, and possibly a fourth base in Arkansas. They are expected to house 20,000 unaccompanied children, according to this CNN report.

It’s still not clear where families will be held after the Trump Administration appeared to pull back from its policy to separate children from their parents at the border. In a statement from the Women’s Refugee Commission a spokesperson said the various officials are getting conflicting instructions.

On top of all this the administration seems to be planning to add “temporary and austere” tent cities in various locations. One is planned for Mobile, Alabama that will house 25,000 people. A U.S. Navy memo proposes a camp for 47,000 people near Camp Pendleton and another for 47,000 near San Francisco.

All that we can know for sure, is that this Administration is planning to detain many thousands more people, with no end in sight. If you or anyone you know is caught up by immigrant detention, please don’t hesitate and contact our deportation defense attorneys at Landerholm Immigration, APC at 510-488-1020 today!