Over the past few years, statistics show that migration trends have been changing significantly across the southwest border. If these trends continue, as a recent Brownsville Herald article reports, December is likely to be another record-breaking month in terms of the number of apprehensions of migrants by U.S. Border Patrol officials. In the past, migration patterns have followed the patterns of seasonal labor, in which many migrants regularly engage. This typically resulted in an increase in border apprehensions at the beginning of the calendar year that peaked around March of each year, according to border patrol data. As seasonal work begins to decrease and ultimately end at the closure of summer, the number of apprehensions normally would decrease significantly. The lowest number of apprehensions historically would occur during the months of August through December of each year. Last year, however, these patterns of border apprehensions changed substantially. The month in 2015 that saw the most apprehensions was December, with 37,014 reported apprehensions. The number of apprehensions then rose gradually from January until March, at which time the rates of apprehension remained stable until rising and then peaking at the end of the year. In 2016, these numbers only have increased, already surpassing the number of 2015 apprehensions with an entire month still left in the year. In August, 2016, for example, the number of apprehensions reached 37,501, which represented the highest number of border apprehensions for that month since August of 2009. The deportation defense lawyers of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C. have handled countless deportation defense claims on behalf of individuals who have been detained and charged with removal. We know how devastating it can be for individuals to face potentially being forced to return to a country where they previously were persecuted, where they no longer have family or a home, or where they will experience significant violence and unrest. We care about you and your family, and we want to help you remain in the country. Call our office today to set up your legal consultation.