If you receive a notice to appear in immigration court, it means one thing – the government has put you in deportation (“removal”) proceedings.

Your first hearing will be called a “Master Calendar hearing.” At the master calendar hearing, your lawyer will tell the judge how he or she will defend you in immigration proceedings. They will discuss the reasons why you should be allowed to stay and they will discuss the allegations and charges in your Notice to Appear (the charging document in immigration court). This is why being prepared for your master calendar hearing is critical to the overall success of your case!

You can learn more about these hearings at this video on the web site for Landerholm Immigration, APC.

Prepare for being in court for several hours. Make sure you have a baby sitter watching your kids during the hearing. Make sure to plan ahead if you will be parking your car during those hours. And make sure to communicate with your employer that you’ll need to take that day off of work. Also, please be aware that if you miss a master calendar hearing, the judge will order your deportation in your absence – so you must attend all hearings!

Visit the Landerholm Immigration website for links to more information about the immigration process on YouTube.