As news stories about immigration raids by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) continue to dominate the media, immigrants with no legal immigration status are increasingly fearful about the locations of future raids. With raids taking place nationwide in homes, courthouses, and workplaces, immigrants may be rightfully concerned about what they should do, and what their rights are, if ICE comes their way. ICE officers are not permitted inside your workplace unless the owner or manager allows them to enter it. If the owner or manager of your workplace does give permission for ICE agents to enter the workplace, agents can ask you questions about your immigration status. However, you do have the right to remain silent when an ICE agent questions you, as well as the right to speak with an attorney before you answer any questions. There is no requirement that you tell the ICE agent where you were born or whether you have a legal immigration status. You also do not have to show the ICE officer your immigration documents or papers. If you belong to a labor union, you may have additional rights. You will need to talk to your union representative to see if you have any protections under the existing labor contract. For instance, the labor contract might have a provision that prohibits ICE agents from entering the workplace without a valid warrant signed by a federal judge or magistrate. There could be a provision that the employer will not provide any personal information about its workers to ICE. Since union contracts can vary widely from one workplace to the next, you will have to find out if your labor contract contains any specific provisions that might help protect you in your workplace. Whether you or a loved one is detained at home or in the workplace, we are here to help. At Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we have represented the interests of countless clients who are facing deportation proceedings, but who wish to remain with their families in the United States. Fortunately, there are many remedies that may be available if you are facing deportation charges. We will aggressively investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding your case, and help you settle upon the option that is best calculated to allow you and your family to live where you choose. Contact our experienced deportation defense attorneys today, and learn how we can help.